About Us

CriTaxCorp was Founded by Kanishk Agarwal, who has many years of rich and diverse experience in the field of Criminal, Taxation and Corporate law. During his career he has worked under the flagship of renowned CA Ashok Batra and thereafter with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) an esteemed international Tax Consultants company and subsequently with Senior Advocate Mr. Ramesh Gupta


The singular objective of CriTaxCorp is to provide high quality specialized legal services to organizations and individuals. The firm offers the most elaborate portfolio of legal services through a panel of advocates and attorneys who have vast experience in their respective fields having worked under some great minds of our times that have brought dignity to the legal profession.


CriTaxCorp has recently ideated a mobile/tablet based application (or Mobile/Tablet App) by the name of ‘Indian Bare Acts Pack’. The application has been launched with the support of Delhi High Court Bar Association (DHCBA) and is available on Android and iOS platform based phones/tablets. The application is primarily for the benefit of lawyers, law students and general public in large.