Regulatory Compliance

Critaxcorp is an industry leader in providing legal compliance assessment and management services. We at Critaxcorp take care of an organization’s entire statutory and legal compliance obligations including obligations related to compliances with respect to labour laws, employment law, environmental law, taxation law, sector-wise or industry specific laws such as medical laws, telecom laws, insurance laws and others.


The firm recognizes the dynamism prevalent in existing legislations and statutes and thus constantly monitors changes in the laws so made effective. The firm focuses in making its clients acquainted with the changes in existing laws applicable to their organizations and is committed to meet client specific needs.


The firm is dedicated to offer services related to measuring and managing risk across multiple legal and regulatory mandates and jurisdictions. We have experience across several industries/sectors, including Energy and Natural Resources, Healthcare, Infrastructure and Construction, Hotels, Sports and Leisure, Real Estate, Consumer Goods and Retail, Security, Aviation, Shipping and Maritime, Transport, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Information Technology.