Startups And Online Legal Gambling

Founder of CTC, MrKanishk Agarwal has ideated a Mobile application namely Indian Bare Acts Pack (IBAP) which is running successfully on Android and iOS. He is well versed about the technicalities, fund issues and formalities which a Startup has to face. Critaxcorp has rendered its legal services to many Start up dealingin various areas, such as:


  • Advising on legal structuring of Start-up and various laws applicable on/upon the particular field.
  • Website, Employment, Software and vendor related agreements
  • Agreements between Co- founders
  • Whether to incorporate Company or LLP or Proprietorship
  • Start-up funding transaction legal work
  • Regulatory Compliances etc.


At CriTaxCorp we never advise a start-up to get all the legal documents/compliances done at start. We advise them to do the basic agreements/compliances which are necessitated for a start-up to scale to the funding level. Being a tech enthusiast and founder of a start-up himself, the Founder really understand the start-up ecosystem and try to add value to the venture by providing suggestions on various front, apart from legal work

“We Believe a Professional Grows when the Client Grows”