Corporate law

CriTaxCorp provides all the essential legal services in the corporate industry, which includes legal advice, drafting agreements, legal notices, audit and legal compliance review and documentation. The areas covered under our corporate law practices are detailed as under for better understanding:

Agreement Drafting / Vetting

We help our clients with their drafting and vetting needs of an agreements including service agreements, distribution agreements, confidentiality agreements, licensing & manufacturing agreements, lease deed etc., across various industries such as Pharma, Logistics, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Hospitality, Software, Mobile Insurance, Talent Management etc.

Legal Opinion

We provide detailed legal opinions to our domestic and overseas clients seeking regulation /compliance requirements in order to set up their business in India. We have also advised our clients on technology subjects including cryptocurrency exchanges, online gambling, mobile wallet etc.

Legal Notices

At CriTaxCorp, we take care of your legal hassles, by sending out legal notices to your defaulters, whenever the need arises. In past we have sent hundreds of notices pertaining to recovery of dues, cheque dishonour matters, employee-related notices (absconding without serving notice period / returning company property), under Insolvency code, cease and desist notices for IPR infringement etc.

Compliance Due Diligence

We aim at a 100% regulatory compliance for our clients to protect them from any unforeseen penalties and/or demands. We have conducted compliance audit services, compliance tracker formulation, compliance exposure report services etc. to ensure that all compliances are followed and there is no loop-hole in due diligence.

Company Incorporation

We provide turnkey solutions to help our clients establish their partnership firm, LLP, OPC (One Person Company), or a Private limited company across India.

License Registration

We render hassle-free license registration services by providing the legal advice and complete support at one place. We have secured licenses for various genres like bread & breakfast for hotels, bar licenses, MSME, fire licenses etc.