Corporate Law

CriTaxCorp provides all the essential legal services in the corporate industry, which includes legal advice, drafting agreements, legal notices, audit and legal compliance review and documentation.


CriTaxCorp has vast experience and expertise in handling litigation matters relating to Criminal offences, recovery suits, injunction, Consumer grievances, Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights, etc.


CriTaxCorp provides the client services across the broad spectrum of Indian direct as well as indirect taxes. The firm offers an expert solution on the various tax-related issues on excise duty, customs duty, GST tax, commercial taxation, corporate tax, personal income tax and more.

Intellectual Property Rights

The intellectual property rights are the rights which are given to a person the on the creation of original work. The rights belong exclusively to the person for a stipulated period.

Sexual Harassment Compliance Advisory

The HR of the companies is the first person who is answerable to the higher authorities when any case of Sexual harassment is registered against the employee of the company.

Cryptocurrency Advisory

There are very few firms in India which make the general public aware about the Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is the most recent developments in the digital world.

Retainership Services

These are those services which allow the highly skilled lawyers of the CriTaxCorp to stay with the company for a specified period. The firm is permitted to retain the advocate and avail all the benefits they can.