Cryptocurrency Advisory

There are very few firms in India which make the general public aware about the Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is the most recent developments in the digital world. The professional experts at CriTaxCorp provide practical and legal planning which helps in the smooth functioning of the business related to Cryptocurrency during low times. The various regulations regarding investment in cryptocurrency is provided by the highly skilled and qualified lawyers and advocates at CriTaxCorp. These lawyers also provide relevant and the latest information regarding the Cryptocurrency regulations and rules in India.


The founder of CriTaxCorp is well aware of the various problems which are faced by the startups dealing in Cryptocurrency. CriTaxCorp offers legal services to various startups which dealing numerous areas which are as follows.

  • Provides advice on the legal formation of cryptocurrency startup and the different laws which are applicable in the field.
  • Legal work which related to the website, employment, software agreements.
  • A legal contract between the co-partners.

The firm is also advised on the existing laws and the legal documents which are required for complying with the provisions of the law. The firm offers expert employees who deal and work in the aspects which are related to the Cryptocurrency. This is done by understanding the nature of the business, technically and legally.