Retainership Services

These are those services which allow the highly skilled lawyer of the CriTaxCorp to stay with the company for a specified period. The firm is permitted to retain the advocate and avail all the benefits they can. These benefits can be availed by offering him various contracts and services. The skilled lawyer gives his best during the entire time he works with that firm. This helps the firm in all the legal matters, in the process of forming various policies by keeping in mind the constitutional limitations. The lawyer gives best client satisfaction to the firm, thereby helping the firm build a better working environment.

Mode of Service

CTC offers the client a panel of highly experienced and professional lawyers and advocates to render them with legal services. With its interdisciplinary approaches, the lawyers work together to find a pragmatic solution for their client. The services of CTC lawyers can be availed in two ways:

  • Project wise
    The project wise services of CTC lawyers are available for those firms which need require legal service for a limited time or only one project.
  • Retainer
    The Client which deals with legal matters on a regular basis, CTC recommends the retainer service to them. The firms draft a Retainership agreement with the client and provide the services of the lawyers. The agreement will define the scope of work to do, irrespective of some projects.