CriTaxCorp has vast experience and expertise in handling litigation matters relating to Criminal offences, recovery suits, injunction, Consumer grievances, Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights, etc.

Criminal Litigation

CriTaxCorp has extensive experience in representing client in criminal matters across court jurisdictions. The firm has an expertise in miscellany of areas pertaining to sexual harassment at workplace, cheque dishonor, cheating/forgery, banking fraud, offences against children, corruption act etc.

Civil Litigation

CriTaxCorp counsels and represent the clients in civil and commercial litigation matters through Arbitration or in court/tribunals for matters including recovery of dues, Accident claims, consumer disputes, liquidation process etc. While keeping in mind the client’s objectives and expectations, the firm undertakes the responsibility to provide them with the best route possible i.e. Insolvency Code, Arbitration, MSME forum, quasi-criminal courts, expedited summary trial, consumer court etc. The firm’s area of representation range from:

  • Supreme Court
  • High Courts
  • District Courts
  • Consumer Disputes Forum (National, State, District)
  • Central Administrative Tribunal
  • Competition Appellate Tribunal
  • Company Law Board
  • Tribunals including Customs and Excise

With an experienced and professional lawyer, CriTaxCorp takes the client through the entire procedure of filing and pursuing the civil litigations. The lawyers also advise the client whether the case is suited for court or out-of-court settlement.

Consumer Litigation

CriTaxCorp renders advisory services and representation in matters concerning consumer disputes. Further, the lawyers at CriTaxCorp provide all the services regarding litigation in the field of consumer laws, drafting and reviewing of complaints, contesting and defending consumer complaints. The firm offers the client representation in Consumer Disputes Forum on National, State and District level.

Pan India Case Management

The firm provides PAN India case management services to clients by identifying and filtering skilled and experienced lawyers across the country to represent clients in various states and also keep track of all cases for clients by providing MIS reports on regular basis and ensuring timely services by lawyers appointed across India.


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