Sexual Harassment Compliance Advisory

Training HR

The HR of the companies is the first person who is answerable to the higher authorities when any case of Sexual harassment is registered against the employee of the company. The experts at CriTaxCorp make sure to provide the Hr and the internal committee with the full-fledged training. This training is considered vital in cases where the case of sexual harassment rises. The experts also advise the firm and its authorities to embrace specific policies and regulations in regards to sexual harassment. For this, the HR and the team of the company are entirely assisted by the professionals of CriTaxCorp so that all the policies are framed keeping in mind the legal limitations.

IC Member

IC member means internal committee member. The experts at CriTaxCorp assure the company that if these professionals are part of the internal committee, then all the cases of sexual harassment will be handled by them. This is done so that the decision is taken keeping in mind all the legal regulations and policies made by the firm. Moreover, the experts who have rich experience in the field of law offer the company with the proper rules and the procedure to deal with the cases of sexual harassment. This would help the company in making its working environment safe for all the employees. This would further assist in creating a good reputation of the firm among other firms.

Support In Legal Cases

The firms experience has various advantages when our experienced and highly skilled lawyers are employed as their internal committee members. This would mean that the firms would be helped in every case issue rising due to the point of sexual harassment. The lawyers at CriTaxCorp are highly knowledgeable and hold vast experience in the cases of sexual harassment. This makes it easier for the firms to handle the situations. The lawyers also help the firm if an outsider files any case of sexual harassment against the company. The skilled lawyers provide the firm the assurance to handle all the cases of sexual harassment arising either internally or externally. This would make the working environment more friendly and safe for all the employees.

Tech Venture

The second tech venture of CriTaxCorp is Centre4POSH. This is developed by the head of CriTaxCorp Mr. Kanishk Aggarwal. This is a web-based application and a mobile solution application for the organization in regards to sexual harassment. This application deals with the observance of regulations which are made concerning sexual harassment in the firm, its prevention and retraces the cases of sexual harassment. This app was introduced in 2017. The idea behind the development of this app not only acts as a sensitization tool but also empowers the employees, especially the female employees. The application primarily focuses on proper sensitization, queries of the employees, feature for complaints and an SOS feature.